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TMJM 2018 MY SKI-DOO Summit X 850 X 154 "SHOT 8 units
TDJM 2018 MY SKI-DOO Summit X 850 X SHOT 165 "8 units




Package Highlights
Rotax® 850 E-TEC® engine
RAS™ 3 front suspension
REV® platform
pDrive clutch with clickers
Ergo-step side panels
Compact digital gauge
Profile running boards with large opening
tMotion™ rear suspension
PowderMax† FlexEdge™ track choice: 16 × 154 / 165 × 2.5 / 3.0 in.
Brembo racing brake with braided stainless-steel brake line
RER™ electronic reverse
RF D.E.S.S.™ key

Engine details: Liquid-cooled, electronic R.A.V.E.™
Cylinders: 2
Displacement: 849 cc / 51.9 in³
Bore: 82 mm / 3.2 in.
Stroke: 80.4 mm / 3.2 in.
Maximum engine speed: 7900 RPM
Carburation: Electronic Direct Injection with additional booster injectors
Recommended fuel type: Premium unleaded
Minimum octane: 91
Fuel tank: 36 liters / 9.5 gallons
Oil tank capacity: 3.4 liters / 3.6 quarts

Drive clutch type: pDrive
Driven clutch type: QRS
Engagement: 3800 RPM
Small sprocket number of teeth: 19 (154 in. – 165 in.)
Large sprocket number of teeth: 45 (154 in. – 165 in.)
Drive sprocket number of teeth: 6
Drive sprocket diameter: 166 mm / 6.5 in.
Brake system: Brembo racing brake with stainless-steel braided brake line

Dry Weight
197 kg / 434 lb (154 in)

Vehicle overall length: 3422 mm / 134.7 in. (154 in.)
Vehicle overall width: 1057 mm / 41.6 in.
Vehicle overall height: 1379 mm / 54.3 in.
Ski stance: 895 mm / 35.2 in.
Ski overall length: 1040 mm / 41 in.
Track nominal width: 406 mm / 16 in.
Track nominal length: 3923 mm / 154 in.
Track profile height: 63.5 mm / 2.5 in. or 76.2 mm / 3.0 in. PowderMax† FlexEdge™

Front suspension: RAS™ 3
Front shock: HPG™ Plus
Front suspension max. travel: 214 mm / 8.42 in.
Rear suspension: tMotion™
Center shock: HPG™ Plus
Rear shock: HPG™ Plus
Rear suspension max. travel: 239 mm / 9.4 in.

Frame: REV®
Skis: Pilot™ DS 2 (with 2.5 in. Lug track), Pilot™ DS 3 (with 3.0 in. Lug track)
Seating: Mountain
Handlebar: Aluminum, tapered with J-hooks / Grab handle
Riser block height: 190 mm / 7.5 in.
Reverse: RER™
Heated throttle lever: Standard
Heated grips: Standard
Gauge: Compact
Electric start: Optional
Mirrors: Optional
Windshield: Optional
Runner: Square 3/8
Carbide configuration: 102 mm / 4 in. at 90°
Hitch: Optional

Feature Highlights
Rotax® 850 E-TEC® engine: Next generation of the most advanced directinjection two-stroke engine technology. Designed for reliability and durability with proven 4-stroke and diesel technologies.
Summit Ergo-Step side panels: Rear section of the panels are ergonomically shaped to support the rider’s shins on downhills. Narrow profile and shape at bottom minimizes "paneling out" in sidehilling. Toe-hold can be added as an accessory.
pDrive™ clutch: Fast and friction-free dual rollers transfer torque in place of traditional sliding buttons on this 100% new clutch. Ultra-responsive shifting, impressive RPM consistency and lightweight.
tMotion™ suspension: A swiveling rear arm and split front arm allow the skid to flex laterally for more predictable carving. More rising-rate motion ratio adds capacity and comfort.
Compact digital gauge: Includes all critical data points in a small, lightweight package positioned perfectly to be seen by a standing rider.

Gauge Features
Speedometer: Standard
Tachometer: Standard
Fuel: Standard
Engine temperature: Standard



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